Friday, 21 February 2014

KiMChi In mY liFE

Anyeong!! 가장 좋아하는 한국음식이 무엇입니까?

Hi friends, see you again. Maybe every of you always ask me when can i start our tutorial about korean language right? Be patient ok, I cannot start earlier because I still find more source about this language. I'm cannot take easier because it is my responsibility to teach every of you with true language. I try to get comment from my lecturer and she said try to make it slowly coz this not easier.

Types of Korean KIMCHI

For entry today,hve you seen at early post of this entry (Korean writing) 가장 좋아하는 한국음식이 무엇입니까? that's means what your favorite korean food? (i feel excited when write about food hahahhaa). For me Korean Food already hit my taste. I'm already find out about Korean Food in my country. Maybe it's not same or we can say it's not original from Korean,but I really satisfied about their taste. Many of Korean Food have a HOT n SPICY taste and I'm very happy with that hahahahaha... It's like bom in my mouth and I feel excited when every time I eat this food ; ). 

It's common for me because in my country and more accurately in my state, hot and spicy food are traditional food and so popular among food lover. That's why I can adapt with this type of food. For me Korean and Malay food have a similarities in terms of taste and ingredients maybe. But,  I think the different between Korean and other food around the world and make it Korean food become unique is what Korean people say KIMCHI.. For your information,every Korean People put KIMCHI in their food. For me KIMCHI like a "sayur jeruk" in Malaysia. Like a "Lobak Masin", but seasoning process in this KIMCHI make this food very unique and the result for me so yummy ( 맛있어요 ).

I really like this KIMCHI and I try to make it by ask my CHINGU in Korean. Than the result like this... I'm very excited about that and one things that really make me happy is all my family really like this KIMCHI.. Actually, we can be found so many type of this Korean Food,you should try every type of this food. I believe that once you try this menu than you will taste in second time hahahahaha... 

OMG I feel hungry right now,I want KIMCHI JJIGAE hahahahaha.... Try to make KIMCHI ok. For another entry I will showed you how to make this KIMCHI.... Kamsahamnida

Kimchi Jjigae

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

My NUna or My LectuRER!!


 Dari awl pnerbitan blog, ini kali kdua sy update blog ni...(nmpak malas nya kan....) hahahaha. Bukan mlas pun chingu sume tapi sy sbuk dengan hal-hal pembeljaran. Erm skrang Alhamdulillah bleh bernafas sdikit :P. Sbuk dengan kelas ini & itu, biasa lah studentkn. Tp byk2 klas, kelas Korea yg pling senang dterima otak hahahaha..

 Miss Tiara for me such a beautiful creature, wlaupn umur nak dibandingkn dengan sy agak jauh.. can i call her as a NUNA hohoho... biasa la asal pon dari South Korean,ermm sgt2 teruja lah jdinya.. Lecturer sy nih brtambah cute bila die ckap bhasa melayu, OMG she can talk in Malay ( slang tu yg buat cute huhuhu). Bila dfikir balik my Subsenim can speak in my language by 3 weeks in my country, than i believe that i can speak in korean language HWAITING!!! (kena mengingat vocal n consonant Korea byak sgt!!). 

Seperti yang djanji bila mula-mula sy create blog ni, sy akn ajr chingu-chingu sume in my language(Korean)hohohoho (perasan skit ye). I believe that when we share our Knowledge than we can get more than what we share about. Jadi chingu-chingu sume be patient k.. Miss Tiara pn ajar pelan2 jadi sy ajr pn pelan2 k huhuhu.. Semoga kita smua dpt ilmu yg diajar k. I hope 1 day i can get fly to South Korean to found my chingu GUN HEE LEE my yojachingu he3.. I will stay there insyaALLAH. At the beginning i must practice my language dulu.. Chaiyokk... 

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